Cyberghost 7 Review

Should you choose Cyberghost 7 as your VPN?

For many people a VPN is just about gaining access to content that would otherwise be restricted to them.  Or it’s about downloading torrents.  In other words, VPN’s get a bad rep as only being associated with illegal activity online.  But you can also use a VPN for legitimate reasons as well.  This includes simply making your connection more secure and reliable to also strengthening remote connections if you access systems, say, from home.


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But there are tons of VPN programs out there.  How do you pick the right home VPN that gives you not only the best VPN but also the fastest VPN?  In this article we’ll be looking at Cyberghost 7.  A popular cloud VPN that advertises to offer you a VPN connection that is fast and a VPN browser that allows you to use its VPN to create a private internet connection.

But of course, many people just want to know if Cyberghost 7 uses a VPN port that is secure so that its VPN connection is reliable and fast and can be used to access previously restricted content on major streaming services.  This will be covered and answered in a later section.

Why should you use Cyberghost 7 VPN?

For this home VPN software, you really get a cloud VPN that gives you a lot of choice.  Straight off the bat you can setup a VPN connection to more than 5700 servers that cover 90 countries.  The VPN connection is safe and secure thanks to the VPN port using enhanced 256-bit encryption.  Like other home VPN options, it offers dedicated profiles for both torrenting and streaming too, which is a nice touch.

Another bonus for this cloud VPN solution is that you also get a built-in ad blocker and malware scanner too.  So, you are getting much more than just a home VPN product with Cyberghost 7.  Unlike other VPN browsers it also doesn’t keep any logs, so you are completely safe and secure whilst using this VPN browser.

Plans and Pricing

This VPN service offers several subscriptions.  These are 1 month, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.  Right now, the 3 years subscription ($99 every 3 years) represents the best value.  What’s also refreshing is that this VPN service also offers a one-day free trial.  So, if you are not sure after reading this article if Cyberghost 7 is the cloud VPN for you then you can take it for a test drive yourself and see. 

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As an added feature you can also purchase on top of your subscription a dedicated IP address of your own.

We haven’t seen any other cloud VPN programs offering this and it’s a value-added benefit that also helps you stay more secure online when using this VPN browser and helps ensure that you get the fastest VPN connection available.  Even Top Tier cloud VPN programs like ExpressVPN don’t offer this.

Payment is fast and simple and payment methods for Cyberghost 7 home VPN includes PayPal and all major credit cards. Cyberghost 7 will work on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and certain routers.  That means that you can use Cyberghost 7 as your premier home VPN solution across all your devices.  It even offers a massive 45-day money back guarantee which is more than the standard 30-day one offered by competing products.

Real-world Testing

This is where the fun really starts.  Here we will look at the performance of Cyberghost 7 as a VPN browser, whether its VPN connection works well for streaming and if it really is the fastest VPN when working with torrents.

So, let’s start with streaming.  This is what many people care about only and is the number one reason for using a home VPN product.  Well, Cyberghost 7, unlike some of its advertised rivals, does work with Netflix.  You can use a Cyberghost 7 VPN connection to browse Netflix and access otherwise restricted content without the VPN service disconnecting you after a certain period, like other competing cloud VPN products do.

In fact, Cyberghost 7 and its VPN connection offer dedicated servers just for streaming.  Simply choose one of those and you can be assured that the VPN connection and VPN port are the fastest, most reliable and most secure connection for your streaming needs.  One great touch is that you can type in to Cyberghost 7 the name of the streaming service you want to use, and its dedicated servers will appear so you can easily pick the best VPN connection for you.  This goes one step further than other home VPN software that only gives you a list of dedicated profiles to use for streaming.

In testing Cyberghost had no problems with other popular streaming services either.  This included Hulu, HBO Go and BBC iPlayer. It was just a matter of picking the VPN connection that ensured the fastest VPN service and it only took a few clicks.  So, we can say that, for streaming at least, Cyberghost 7 is a super VPN to use.

Now let’s look at the VPN browser aspect of Cyberghost 7.  When it comes to whether your VPN connection affects your upload or download speeds, we found that using a local server, that Cyberghost automatically connected us too, our download speed increased!    Of course, this depends on your internet infrastructure and setup, but we were very pleased with this.  So immediately Cyberghost 7 tries to give you a VPN with unlimited speed capable from your internet right from the start.

It also compresses data whilst your VPN connection is active.  That simply means that your speed increases thanks to reduced data usage and increased load times.  So far then, Cyberghost7 performs well for both streaming and as a VPN browser.  It’s time to look at whether this is the premier home VPN solution for torrenting.

To start with, Cyberghost 7 offers a VPN connection that is dedicated to torrenting.  So that’s a good start.  Its VPN port is secured by 256-bit security, so you know your VPN connection is secure, and it also features a kill switch too.  Something that other top of the line cloud VPN products don’t have.  You simply select one of the listed optimised servers that are designed to give you the fastest VPN connection for torrents and away you go.  Cyberghost 7 makes things simple.

Cyberghost 7 is one of the few cloud VPN programs to offer complete transparency in terms of its logs.  That means it really is the best VPN if you want your browsing activity, whilst using this home VPN product, to not be captured, tracked or stored by Cyberghost 7.  We were also impressed with this VPN service when it came to the built-in ad blocker too and found that it increased our browsing experience immensely by removing many intrusive ads.

In Conclusion

So, to conclude, Cyberghost 7 is pretty much everything you could want from a home VPN package.  It offers great price plans, a free trial and supports all your devices too.  Its VPN connection is great as a VPN browser or for streaming and torrenting too.  There really is little that is wrong with Cyberghost 7.

If we had to be nitpicky about Cyberghost 7 as a home VPN solution, then those who are looking for a fast VPN to access services in China will be disappointed as Cyberghost 7 doesn’t offer a VPN connection to China in any way.  Apart from that, Cyberghost 7 really could be heralded as the best VPN program you can buy right now and it rightfully deserves to stand head to head with industry leaders. So it’s mainly a matter of personal preference then what home VPN product you choose.  But we found Cyberghost 7 to be a super VPN app to use and it comes highly recommended.

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