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Nord VPN to browse the internet safely

If you are looking for a convenient way to browse the web safely, without being tracked, and without losing any of your internet speed then you may want to invest in a VPN.  A VPN is a piece of software that masks your location and hides it from your internet service provider and allows you to browse the internet as if you are in a different country.

This has several advantages.  It allows you to access content that may otherwise be blocked for you because of your region (think Netflix).  A VPN also gives you enhanced security whilst browsing the internet.  This is because when you connect, your data is encrypted and secure.  Using a VPN also allows you to access remote content securely as well.  So, if you work from home and connect to company systems a VPN is recommended.

If you are wanting to share files with a group, then using a VPN is also recommended.  This is because it allows you to ensure that the data can be shared amongst all the users for a long period of time.  Now, there are many different VPN programs out there and, in this article, we are going to focus on just one – NordVPN.

Why should you use Nord VPN?

Nord VPN is the perfect home VPN for those looking for the fastest service amongst any of the current VPN service providers available on the internet today.  It’s a VPN that offers private internet access and protects you whilst you browse online by giving you your very own VPN browser too.

Protection whilst browsing online comes from NordVPN using 256-bit strong encryption.  It also uses OpenVPN as its VPN protocol which allows Nord VPN to give you protection using IKEv2/IPSec.  You just need to know that Nord VPN gives you a secure VPN connection straight from the start and that it really is a super VPN application to use.

Plans and Pricing

Nord VPN provides connections to over 5100 servers across the globe.  It also serves 61 countries and is designed in terms of what use you may have for it.  That means that there is a profile within Nord VPN designed for web browsing, another designed for streaming and another for downloading torrents and so on.  Nord VPN can be tailored to give you the best and most secure connection for whatever your usage needs may be.

That alone, with the attention to detail, already makes it one of the best VPN programs you can get, if not the best, but read on before you make your own decision.  Nord VPN offers many flexible subscription plans.  These range from an affordable one-month subscription, through to one year, two year and even three-year plans.  Obviously, the longer plan you choose (e.g. three years) the greater the overall discount that you receive.  In fact, at the time of writing this, Nord VPN has a 70% discount off their three-year subscription which is a great deal!

Payment methods include PayPal, Bitcoin and credit/debit cards.  That means it’s more accessible to everyone, thanks to the variety of payment methods on offer. 

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Nord VPN also supports all your mobile or desktop devices.  For example, it supports Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.  It even supports Linux too, so, no matter your system, you can get the best VPN service in a home VPN application, that is the fastest VPN and best VPN – all thanks to Nord VPN.

Real-world Testing

Now this is the main meat of the article and the part that most people focus on.  This will talk about three things: Nord VPN’s performance whilst browsing the internet, it’s performance whilst downloading torrents and our favourite, Nord VPN’s streaming performance – specifically with Netflix and whether or not it unlocks the Netflix catalogue or not (many VPN’s do not, despite what they advertise).

Let’s start off with the most important part, whether Nord VPN works with Netflix.  Well, it does.  In our tests we were able to use Nord VPN to connect to a US or UK server and access that version of the Netflix catalogue.  So, if you are looking simply for a super VPN that works great with Netflix then Nord VPN already has you covered.  In terms of a cloud VPN Nord VPN also supports other streaming services, such as BBC’s iPlayer as well as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.  For many people already then, Nord VPN not only offers you the fastest VPN but you also get an extremely secure VPN connection to boot.

So far then, Nord VPN ticks all the right boxes.  Let’s explore how fast it is.  Nord VPN somewhat stumbles a little here.  Whilst it does provide high speeds, it isn’t the fastest VPN.  But what this simply means is that Nord VPN will be fine for most people, for the real VPN afficionados, they may be left wanting a little in this regard.

For example, it doesn’t give a speed that is one of a VPN unlimited.  That means that speed may be a little slow in some places.  But it won’t detract overall from what is an exceedingly fast VPN overall.  For example, whilst there may be a decrease in both your upload and download speeds once you connect to a Nord VPN server, you won’t notice any difference.  It’s very minor.  One area that could do with some tweaking is the Nord VPN feature to automatically suggest the best server.  If you use this to connect to a server then you may see a degradation in performance as these servers sometimes focus on having a low server load only instead of overall performance.

But the overall VPN connection that Nord VPN provides will be perfectly fine for most people.  So far then, it offers great streaming performance with a VPN connection speed that is perfectly fine for Nord VPN’s core users.  Overall the VPN connection is secure and reliable, and it will give you good speed if you are looking for the fastest VPN over a secure VPN connection.  Nord VPN also provides you with an adblocker which worked like a charm and helped block many intrusive browser adverts, without compromising the overall VPN connection and its speed.

With regards to downloading torrents, Nord VPN offers access to over 4600 P2P servers across 46 countries.  Nord VPN will also recommend servers for you to use to give you the best torrent downloading experience, and this is also secure and reliable through using SOCKS5 proxies.  But bear in mind that the connection isn’t encrypted, but it does have additional layers of security.

In Conclusion

So overall Nord VPN really is the best VPN for browsing, streaming and torrenting.  It is a super VPN application that offers speed and security with affordable price plan and coverage for most devices.  So, if you are looking for the best VPN for your phone or computer, and a VPN that gives you private internet access, then you really need to check out NordVPN today.

We were very pleased with the prices and plans and the overall performance of Nord VPN.  Its apps were well designed and intuitive and you can be up and running in just a few clicks.  Nord VPN’s support team were courteous and friendly and helped answer our questions with regards to pricing and speed.

Therefore, as a cloud VPN, we really recommend NordVPN as the premier home VPN application for protecting your online activity and keeping your activity secure.  Not only that but we were super happy that Nord VPN allowed us to access restricted streaming content because many other home VPN programs may say that they also offer this, but you will find out afterwards that they don’t.  So, don’t be misled by other cloud VPN providers, take a look at NordVPN today and experience the best VPN service and fastest VPN connection on the market today.

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