QIDI TECH X-Plus Best Entry Level 3D Printer


QIDI TECH X-Plus 3D Printer. You need to look at this printer closely if you are serious about 3D printing.

QIDI TECH 3D Printer, Large Size X-Plus Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printing with Nylon, Carbon Fiber, High Precision Printing 10.6×7.9×7.9 Inch

The QIDI TECH X-plus is in my opinion the best 3D Printer combining all the features you will need for this exiting hobby / career.

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Whether you are just starting out or experienced, we will give you the heads up (excuse the pun) on moving forward with the art of 3D extrusion. This printer will give you a real advantage with all the cool features and extras it has.

What users are Saying

Users of these printers can’t say enough about the quality and ease of use these units give you. With the plug and play features and fantastic customer support, second to none. This printer is the  “one to get”, if you want trouble free printing. No teething issues that some of the other printers are renowned to have.

People are saying they have had hours and hours of printing with no issues. One saying they have had 5 printers and now QIDI is the only printer they would buy and use.


With Wi-Fi connection it is very easy to set up and printing can be achieved within an hour. Just follow the easy to use instructions. A single button provides quick levelling of the bed.

With breakpoint printing ( as it sounds obviously ) the process can be stopped at any time during operation. This allows you to do things like change filaments and easily resume printing after stopping.

The high temperature extruder is great for printing exotic materials such as Polycarbonate, Carbon Fibre and Nylon. This is an extra feature supplied free by QIDI.  Any brand of 1.75mm filament can be used.

It has a magnetic removable plate which makes removal of models a breeze and allows easy cleaning.

Exceptional engineering practices used to build this printer make it very sturdy. It has a large enclosed printing space to keep things safe, dust free and silent during operation.

Most importantly, the QIDIprint software is easy to use and similar to Cura. It has well thought out defaults for easy operation or change the settings to suit your preferences. If you already have experience with Cura and Simplify 3D they can also be used.


This printer is suitable for Hobbyists, Home Users, Industrial product Development and Manufacture, Project Designers, Educational Institutes etc.

The 5 star reviews about the product rate this as the best value for money printer on the market. More so the customer support reviews speak highly of its reputation.

To succeed in the art of 3D extrusion it is a mistake to go past this popular printer.

QIDI TECH 3D Printer, Large Size X-Plus Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printing with Nylon, Carbon Fiber, High Precision Printing 10.6×7.9×7.9 Inch

Check out the current price of QIDI on Amazon

Link for Purchasing in Australia

QIDI Tech X-Plus specifications:

Technology is : FFF FDM (Fused filament fabrication – Fused Deposition Modelling)

Type: Material extrusion

Year first released: 2018

Assembly: Fully-assembled

Mechanical arrangement: Cartesian-XY-head


Manufacturer country: China

Filament diameter: 1.75 mm

Compatible with 3rd party filaments? : Yes it is an open material system

Printable material(s): PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PC, Nylon

Machine Size Millimetres: (W(Left to Right) x D (Front to Back) x H (High) WxDxH 560 x 450 x 420 mm

Print size millimetres (XYZ): 270 x 200 x 200 mm

Print size inches (XYZ): 10.6 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches

3D Printer and Printing Properties

Accuracy: 11 x 11 x 2.5 Microns

Layer height: 100 – 500 Microns

Double Feed Structure: Yes

External & Internal filament holders: Yes

Fully enclosed extruder assembly: Yes

Extruder type: Single

Nozzle size: 0.4 mm

Max extruder temperature: 500 °F / 260 °C

Max heated bed temperature: 212 °F / 100 °C

Frame: 18 gauge Plastic, Steel, Aluminium and Acrylic

Closed print chamber: Yes, fully enclosed

Built in air filter system: Yes

Temperature controlled print chamber: No

Bed levelling: Manual (assisted) also with one button quick levelling

Print bed details: 8mm thickness heated bed, removable, bendable & 2 sided

Display: 4.3″ color touch screen

Connectivity: USB drive – WiFi – Ethernet

Breakpoint & Print recovery: Yes

Auto Shutdown when printing has finished: Yes

Filament sensor: Yes

Slicing: QIDI print, Cura, Simplify3D

Operating system(s): Windows, Mac

Machine Size Millimetres: (LWH) 560 x 450 x 420 mm

Weight lb: 50.7 pounds – Weight kg: 23 kg

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